Sharon Arts Center uses CSA model to promote artist’s work With a similar buy-local spirit, Sharon Arts Center, a Monadnock area 65-year-old non-profit visual arts organization, has adapted an innovative project they call CSArt to support artists in the creation of new works, establish relationships with local collectors and patrons, and be part of a […]

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The Civil War, a sesquicentennial reenactment.

One hundred and fifty years ago today shots rang out at Fort Sumter in South Carolina to launch the Civil War. Historically, that’s one of the only facts not hotly debated when it comes to Civil War history. Over the next four years, there will be a flurry of more publicized Civil War commemoration activities. […]




For the past several years award-winning
New England photographer Fred Martins
has explored the medium of digital
photography as a fine art form. Recently,
his explorations of blending these new
digital capabilities with his training in
traditional mediums of printmaking,
design, and photography have produced
painterly results that have captured the
fragile, fleeting beauty of nature. These
intensely evocative images blend strong
color and textures, glowing with soft
natural light. This unique, imaginative
perspective reveals the wonder and
illuminates the mystery of the natural
world that surrounds us.