How I see things

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The camera for me acts as a third eye; the taking of a fine art photograph is as instinctive as seeing. It’s a way to show the reality of what’s around us for what it is, and as it is. To capture the “telling instant.” What is that? Why is that here? What causes that? Who is that? Exposing the viewer to an active participation in the existence and the observation of the moment. I want to seal the light in a jar, display it for others to investigate, analyze, create an emotional dialog. When I go out with my camera, I begin to observe. And pry. I walk for hours exploring, examining, rolling back stones to expose what lies beneath. I study the world at hand, with a broad sweep at first, watching, learning, letting the environment surround me. Then narrowing my focus. Zeroing in. Letting the universe in all its mystery reveal itself, one square foot at a time. Sometimes repeating the process over and over until that exact moment when the light fully reveals the true nature of the subject.

Undistorted, immediate, direct, personal.


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