I have always been curious about artifacts left behind by our culture, these everyday items are all around us, waiting to be rediscovered. These items are not, in themselves, particularly valuable or rare. On the contrary,
they are likely to be the sorts of things we have seen hundreds of times, even used hundreds of times,without remarking on them. These cultural artifacts take on new meaning when a photograph is taken of them and presented to the viewer in a way that strips them of their original context. The viewer is forced to reflect and instill new meaning into these objects. This becomes an intensely personal vision, connecting the viewer to the object based on his or her own experiences.

These images can also come to represent time gone by. They allow a view into the past and at the same time help us appreciate its difference from our present, reminding us of the ever-present power of change.

When this connection occurs, what the viewer’s mind’s eye sees within the object can release emotions and memories hidden within.

This transformation can be truly remarkable.

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